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  • Cisco WebEx Meetings

  • Meet with anyone online to present, share, and collaborateOrganize and manage all meeting activities, and easily share filesAccelerate business results, increase team productivity, and lower costsCisco also offers a full suite of conferencing applications.

    Improve Team Meetings, Improve Your Business

    Cisco WebEx Meetings can help you achieve better business results through more productive, engaging web meetings. With this people-centric platform, teams can collaborate anytime, anywhere, even over mobile devices. Streamline the meeting process with a centralized online space for sharing meeting-related information. Easily organize, prepare, and follow-up for every meeting.

    Cisco WebEx Cloud Q&A

    Improve team productivity with online meetings from Cisco WebEx. Cisco WebEx Meetings incorporates audio, high-definition (HD) video, and real-time content sharing. It helps organizers and participants streamline the entire meeting process and reduce email clutter with highly secure online spaces for storing, accessing, and updating activities and information related to each meeting. Cisco WebEx Meetings is delivered through the Cisco WebEx Cloud, a highly secure and available delivery platform. It offers superior performance, integration flexibility, and scalability that also lowers your total cost of ownership.

    Features and Capabilities

    Conduct Interactive Meetings

    Use integrated voice conferencing, high-definition video, and file, application, and desktop sharing to create more dynamic, effective, and productive meetings, even for mobile device users. Share video files in real time and incorporate multimedia into presentations. See up to seven simultaneous webcam video feeds with voice-activated switching.

    Easily Manage Meeting Activities

    Streamline traditionally time-intensive meeting tasks using centralized, online meeting spaces. Share agendas, files, meeting notes, recordings -- before, during, and after a meeting. Easily locate meeting-related content with indexed searching. Track and manage document revisions with version controls to synchronize team efforts. Schedule follow-up activities, post comments on content, and view answers to questions in the meeting space. Chat with anyone with integrated IM.

    Meet Online on Any Device

    Attend meetings on multiple platforms while remote, using an iPhone, iPad, Android, or other wireless, 3G or 4G mobile phone and tablet devices. Access meeting space content easily from any browser.

    Integrate with Existing Tools and Processes

    Initiate meetings instantly from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and a variety of IM solutions. Use open APIs to integrate with existing applications.

    Simplify Administration and Security

    Manage participants and enforce corporate policy controls with a single identity across services for each user. WebEx Meetings offers a variety of security options-from meeting password protection, through strict network and data center security to ensure the highest levels of privacy and data integrity.